Samsung Powerbot Robot Vaccum Cleaners: What Makes Them Unique

Hello guys, this is Lewis. Today I’m gonna talk to you guys about a vacuum cleaner.Cleaning and dusting homes were one of the toughest and boring jobs in the world for us lazy beings. Until Levi Dickenson a farmer of Hadley, Massachusetts invented broomstick in 1797. To make things easier, in 1860 Daniel Hess invented manual vacuum cleaner. Eventually, vacuum cleaners became one of the essential home appliances. Now vacuum cleaners are not just a home appliance they are smart, intelligent and capable of making logical decisions. Yeah! that’s right, welcome to the future guys. As I have said, today I’m discussing about a vacuum cleaner. Not just a vacuum cleaner, a smart and powerful vacuum cleaner: The Samsung powerbot.

samsung powerbot

What is so special about Samsung Powerbot  Vaccum cleaners?

 1. Design

The design of Samsung powerbot vacuum cleaner is straightaway unique. Unlike most of its competitors, this vacuum cleaner has a “U” shape. Aside from its aesthetic essence, this unique design helps the powerbot to clean corners very efficiently. This is one area were other circle-shaped vacuum cleaners fails to impress.

 2. Suction

Samsung powerbot vacuum cleaners have one of the most powerful suction capability. The new powerbot R9350 claims to have 70x more power than its competitors. I don’t know whether it is 70x or not but it is one of the most powerful vacuum cleaners I have ever seen.

 3. Silent Mode

Another unique feature of Samsung powerbot is the silent mode. Besides being one of the silent vacuum cleaners, the powerbot has a super cool “Quite mode ” making it surprisingly silent.

 4. Point Cleaning (absent in some models)

powerbot 9350 samsung

Next unique feature of Samsung powerbot vacuum cleaner is the point cleaning functionality. The laser pointer in the remote control can be used to point wherever you want to clean. The powerbot will follow the pointer.

 5. Transparent Bin (absent in some models)

powerbot vacuum cleaner

Another unique feature of Samsung powerbot is the placement of the dustbin. The transparent dust bin is placed on top of the bot making it easier for us to see whether it is time to clean the bin or not.

Easy Pass Wheel

One of the good thing about these bots, in general, is their maneuverability. The Easy Pass Wheel enables Samsung powerbots to move fast and efficiently on any surface.

Combo Brush (absent in some models)

Most of us have pets. And definitely, most of us are used to finding their hair on our food, mats, bed and everywhere.

Not anymore! the combo brush in Samsung powerbot takes care of the pet hair problem. The design of the combo brush enables efficient pick up of pet hair without any hassle.

These are some of the unique features of Samsung powerbot robot vacuum cleaners.

Other Features

1. Connectivity

Like its main competitors, the Samsung powerbot have WIFI connectivity (some models doesn’t). Enabling the bot to seamlessly integrate with Amazon Alexa and other home automation systems. In other words, the powerbot can be controlled from anywhere in the world.

2. Mapping

Similar to its competitors, the powerbot have a virtual mapping system, which Samsung calls as Visionary mapping system. The system comprises of a digital camera coupled with nine individual sensors. The camera on the top enables the bot to scan the ceiling and create a virtual map of the room.

Ever wonder why the camera is placed on top? The answer is simple. We move our furniture around all the time confusing the bot about the boundary and its territory. Whereas the ceiling remains unchanged. Making it perfect point of reference for virtual mapping.

 3. Height

This is where some Samsung powerbots is going to have some problem. The height of latest bots is about 5.3 inches compared to its competitor’s 3.6 inches. Making it difficult for the bots to crawl under furniture with low clearance. But there are models with the lower height. Like Powerbot R7090, R7070, R7040, R7010


Powerbot Options

Samsung powerbot offers a range of models with varying capabilities and features. Available variants are; R9350, R9250, R7090, R7070, R7040, R7010 . Their specs are listed in the table below.

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Main Competitors

[table id=3 /]

Reasons To Buy A Powerbot

Ok, guys, you are planning to buy a robot vacuum cleaner. Obviously, there are several reasons behind your decision to get one. Probably you are lazy like me or you are too busy or may be you find it difficult to dust and clean under your couch. What ever be your need a robot vacuum cleaner should be able to help you in those situations.

All most all modern robot vacuum cleaners have all the functionality you expect to have in them. So the decider here is quality and efficiency. Samsung Powerbot Vacuum cleaners have best in class suction capability. The “U” shape design enables them to clean corners more efficiently than its circular competitors. The brush design allows powerbots to pick up pet hair without any trouble. The placement of transparent dustbin in the latest models enables the users to visually see the status of the dust bin. Wifi capability enables the Samsung bots to seamlessly integrate with home automation technologies like Samsung Hub, Amazon Alexa etc. The mobile app enables the user to schedule and control the bot according to their preference. The point cleaning in latest models gives more control on your bot.

Finally the fact that the powerbots come from Samsung.

Reasons Not To Buy A Powerbot

Robot vacuum cleaners are expensive. You guys knew that! Samsung powerbots are relatively more expensive than its counterparts. Another major concern with the latest models of powerbots is their height. New models are about 5.3 inches nearly 2 inches higher than its nearest competitors like IRobot Roomba 980 and Neato Botvac. This is gonna cause some problem if most of your furniture are very low to the ground. Next concern most people have is that, even though Samsung is a very reputed electronics and home appliances manufacturer. They are fairly new to the robot vacuum cleaner field. IRobot and Neato are the veterans in this field.




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