Home Automation Set Up

So friends now you have all the smart devices. Next step is to set them up so that you can control them via mobile app and voice commands. Before that, you have to understand following things.

In order to work, smart devices need to connect to the internet. Some devices need a bridge to do that and some may not. That is where Samsung Hub comes into play. This smart hub acts as a common bridge for your smart devices to connect to the network. But the problem is some devices may not be able to integrate with smart things. Such devices have to be controlled from their individual Apps.

To solve this problem, for my home automation I choose to have two hubs that can integrate and work together.

  1. Samsung SmartThings Hub
  2. Amazon Echo (Alexa)

All the devices listed in this article work with SmartThings Hub or Alexa or with both.

So to get all of them work you have to do the following things.

  • Add all the SmartThings compatible devices to Samsung Hub
  • Add all other devices to Amazon Echo
  • Then Add SmartThings skills to Amazon Echo. This will enable you to control all your SmartThigs connected devices to be controlled via voice commands.

The end result is, you can control all your smart devices via voice commands. And you have the flexibility to control devices in Samsung Hub via Smartthings App as well.

Watch the below videos to set everything up.

1. Add compatible devices to SmartThings Hub

2. Add all other devices to Amazon Echo

3. Then Add SmartThings skills to Amazon Echo. Video from SmartHomeDB


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